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We are a complete third party and we offer you a new cost-effective process of sterilization that uses steam and heat technology.

Cost-effective Sterilization that uses Steam and Heat Technology.

By using cutting edge steam and heat technology, we are able to keep your packaging intact, providing you with the advantage of having us ship your product directly to your customer without any repackaging.  We can also sterilize in any kind of packaging.

Your product does not need to be shipped back and forth, thus saving you substantial amounts of time and more importantly, you won’t incur the huge freight charges that are currently affecting your bottom line profits.

Our steam and all natural heat process is also Organic Certified.  We also offer other services, such as, Warehousing, Distribution, Packaging, Milling and Piece Sizing.

Cost-effective sterilization that uses steam and heat technology

H20 Express Steam

Global Sterilization’s H2O Express technology is an all-natural, certified organic alternative to irradiation and other pasteurization technologies. Products including milk whey, tree nuts, herbs, and spices which may be contaminated with human pathogens have been successfully pasteurized with this technology.

Our process is performed in vacuum chamber where a precise dose of steam ensures careful control of product temperature and moisture. Where more aggressive, in-line pasteurization processes damage sensitive foods such as herbs, nuts and spices, H2O Express is highly effective without compromising product quality. By treating products in the final packaging the process ensures that your products are safe and free of pathogens when they are delivered to the marketplace.

Cost-effective sterilization that uses steam and heat technology

Dry Heat

For those products which are sensitive to moisture, dry heat pasteurization is an alternative. Using carefully controlled heaters, Global Sterilization can raise the internal product temperature to the target temperature and hold the product at that temperature for hours, or even days, until the pest of concern has been eliminated. Dry Heat pasteurization is often the best choice for eliminating pathogens and insects when other technologies have failed.